About Justice For Families

Founded in February 2017, Justice For Families (JFF) is an uplifting organization aiming to reunite families who know of someone who is suffering from an unjust criminal justice system. We focus on the unjust incarceration and deportation of people of color, especially those who are parents. Justice For Families serves as a platform for these families as they speak their truths. As communities of color and their families witness racial disparities and over-prosecution, change must be pursued.

Justice For Families and its associated families will work as joint partners to create awareness and help those who have been taken from society and their homes,stripped of their natural ability to survive and provide after being incarcerated.JFF pledges to support these families as they undertake the process with the legislative system. In organizing our efforts, we can change their lives and restore broken communities.

Our criminal justice system is broken. We are deeply disappointed in certain aspects of our government and law enforcement agencies. There are far too many fathers and mothers detained in America’s prisons. Police raids are traumatizing children, parents are being deported, and children are left behind with little to no support. No family deserves this dismal fate. Please join us in this incredibly important mission that can positively impact all aspects of society.