Funding For Families

Do You Need Funds? We’re here to help, make the connection to these resources.

  • Subsistence funds – food and transportation
  • Help securing affordable housing
  • Healthcare
  • Psychological and/or counseling services
  • Assistance with education and the development of workforce skills
  • Legal services to obtain public benefits, expunge criminal records, and regain custody of children

Lawyers & Legal Assistance

Countless families are seeking experienced pro-bono federal and state lawyers for their civil, criminal and immigration cases. Have you been wrongfully convicted and want to appeal your case? Share your story.

Bail Money

Often bail is set by judges too high and people can’t afford it. Inmates wind up sitting in jail or prison for long-periods of times. They lose their jobs, fall behind on their rent or mortgage, are removed from their homes, and their children are severely impacted, sometimes becoming hungry and homeless. We can help locate a sponsor to bail you out.

Instant Family Funding

Sponsor families who are in need of financial assistance, who may not be able to pay their rent or mortgage, buy food, pay utility bills, or manage childcare expenses, but are willing to earn the money in a sufficient way.