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To help American children and families who have been affected by law enforcement-based atrocities.




Our mission is to end unjust incarceration and deportation of all people, especially those who are parents. Too many families are destroyed by police raids, unfair laws, racial bias in the criminal justice system, wrongful convictions, and mass incarceration. We strive to identify and support legislative prison alternatives, cost-effective solutions, and community initiated change to strengthen our communities.



Keeping Families Together

Throughout the U.S,an alarming number of parents are separated from their kids due to deportation,unjust prison terms,immigration bans,police raids,and police brutality,and unfair class-and race-based law enforcement practices. As a community,we must end this destruction of the family unit and its extraordinarily harmful long-term effects. JUSTICE FOR FAMILIES gives these families a compassionate and powerful platform for their voices and for people around the country to be moved by these heart-wrenching stories.

Helping the Affected Through Dire Times

All children are sacred. Yet, children of families ripped apart by unfair class- and race-based law enforcement practices experience substantial mental, emotional, and financial trauma. These families desperately need financial support to get back on their feet and lead respectable lives. It doesn’t take much to changes these lives. With just a little financial assistance for nutrition, education, recreation, clothing, and other basic amenities, these families can rise and become productive members of society, as opposed to free-falling into despair.

Widen Our Reach

As our reach widens, so does our ability to improve lives. This is why we strive to expand our support to as many affected families as possible. To achieve our goals, we need your help to expand the number of our volunteers, boost attendance at events, and increase referrals.

Create Awareness

This threat to our basic family unit across America must become a part of the popular zeitgeist – the survival of our communities depends on it. We must forge alliances with noteworthy groups and organizations while coordinating successful rallies, fundraisers, projects, and campaigns. We will not rest until our families can enjoy the freedom and equality of life that are the hallmarks of our country.

Build Our Partner Network

As we help families stay together and forge more equality and freedom for all Americans, we’ll need support. Our mission includes building our partner network for: charity partners (to support events and campaigns that raise awareness and funds for relevant charities); Ad Agency Partners (to help raise awareness nationally and in local communities); Corporate Sponsors; and Volunteers and Interns.

Ensuring Better Life

Justice For Families is targeting all American kids and families who have been impacted by the most due to certain law enforcement based atrocities. We follow a direct approach wherein the affected themselves will be voicing their stories for you to listen to and join their cause.

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Put your story in front of people who care. Through the JUSTICE FOR FAMILIES platform, you can expand your support base for a wide range of issues, including petitions and public awareness for injustices that impact you, your family, and your community.

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